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Midagi väga head:)

Väikseid näpunäiteid , kuidas igav ja üksluine jooksmine meeldivamaks teha:)
Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Running MoreBy Rick Morris
Do you always enjoy running? Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to set a new PR, beating a competitor to the finish line, losing an extra 5 pounds or burning off that second piece of chocolate cake that we forget the most important rule of running – it’s supposed to be fun. Sure, running is great way to lose weight, get fit and improve our health. Running provides us with a doorway to meeting goals and changing our lives. Running is also a sport that gives us the opportunity to compete against ourselves and other runners. But, most of all, running is a fun activity that allows us to relax and enjoy ourselves. Is there enough fun in your running? Here are ten tips to help you have more fun with your running.Run For YourselfWhy do you run? There are many reasons that we run. Some of those reasons are external and others are internal. Researchers eve…